Faziela contacted me shortly after the birth of her second baby boy to book her Mother’s Love portrait session.  In her email she mentioned that she “only has 3 pictures of herself with her boys”.  And I totally get that – I still only have a handful of photos of myself with our kids.  It’s just the way it goes.  You’re either too busy trying to keep everyone fed, clothed or to sleep and literally don’t have the time or the energy to take any photos, or you’re the one always taking the pictures of your precious children.  If you’re really lucky, your hubby or partner might snap a few shots of you with the kids.  And while your kids may be thrilled to have so many photos of themselves when they were babies, I can promise you that they’ll love the photos that you’re in even more.

The phenomenal portrait photographer, Sue Bryce says that we should exist in photos for our children.  The thing is that we often don’t think we’re ‘photo worthy’.  As a new mom we may think that we look tired and bedraggled or that we’re not back to our pre baby body and so the last thing we want is to be photographed.  But the truth is that none of that will matter to your kids when they look back at those photos.  Where you may see your ‘imperfections’, they will just see their Mom.  It’s hard (sometimes near impossible) to dump the baggage we carry around with us; sometimes I think we’re hardwired to find fault with ourselves instead of celebrating our beauty and strength as women.  But if we can face those insecurities and exist in photos for our children, what a great gift we will be giving them.

And so when Faziela contacted me to do this shoot of her and her boys, I was so excited.  Besides being a wife and a mother, Faz is also a blogger and you can follow her at Official Dragon Mommy.  Her blog posts are witty, honest, funny and some will tear at your heart strings.  She shares about her adventures as wife to none other than Superman 😉 , writes honestly about the challenges of being a working mom (she is also a quantity surveyor) and shares some funny parenting anecdotes that I’m sure many of us can relate to.   And so, on that note, here are some of the pics from Faziela’s Mother’s Love session.  I’m sure that her boys will one day treasure these photos of their Mom.*

Hair and Makeup:  Shannyn Fourie (https://www.facebook.com/shantillylacepinup/)


Faziela_Website 9March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 10March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 4March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 2March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 1March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 5March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 8March 21, 2017

Faziela_Website 6March 21, 2017

*The session included photos of Faz and her boys, however she and her husband have decided not to post any pics of their boys online, and so I have not shared any of these.