“I have so many photos of my children, but I’m in hardly any of them.”  If you’re a mom, those words might sound all too familiar.  I know that it does for me.  I have literally thousands of photographs of my precious children, but only a handful of us together.  One of the reasons that I often hear from moms is that we aren’t in the photos because we’re usually the ones holding the camera.  And I get that.  But one day when your children look at the photos of when they were little, I think they’ll want to see their mom in the pics too.  What a gift that would be for them to treasure.  So moms, perhaps it’s time to get in the picture with a mother children portrait session.

Below are some of the images from this sweet session with Chris and her two gorgeous daughters.  Chris and I met earlier this year when our children started play school together.  A few months later, I took some photos of little Sara’s newborn session  (you can view these pics here) and so it was very special to take these pics of all three girls together this time around.  And so sweet to see the bond between big sister Abbi and her baby sister.  They clearly adore each other and Abbi is so gentle and loving with little Sara.

We started the session with Chris having her hair and make up done by the very talented Kristine of Kruz4Makeup.   And even Abbi got a bit of pampering with some lipstick and glittery eyeshadow.  It was a cold, drizzly Cape Town morning on the day of our shoot, but there is so much warmth and love in these pics that you would never have guessed it was gloomy outside.  I loved creating these images of Chris and her two girls to keep and treasure forever.

“A daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”

Chris1 Chris2 Chris3 Chris4 Chris5 Chris6 Chris8 Chris9 Chris11 Chris12